Saturday Sept 16, 2017 – Suspicious Behavior Training, Hope Presbyterian Church, Richfield

What is the program about?

The suspicious behavior training program for places of worship will educate faith based organizations in how to recognize and respond to suspicious behavior in a religious environment. The class has been designed for church leaders, ushers, greeters, volunteers, preschool workers and security personnel in mind. The class is suitable for anyone that has an interest in suspicious behavior in worship from an educational perspective.

The class is structured into two distinct areas: education on church safety and security raising awareness of security issues, learning how to recognize suspicious behavior in worship and the second how you approach suspicious behavior by utilizing “conversational interviewing” techniques to identify if the person is seeking grace or is a threat to your worship center.

The course provides all the skills needed to conduct “conversational interviews” from the position of faith, how to recognize deception and deceit, how to question as a church member, rapport building and conducting a risk assessment with the information gathered.

Modules of the class Include:

  • Security in Places of Worship
  • Suspicious Behavior in Places of Worship
  • Surveillance in Worship
  • Conversational Interviewing
  • Scenario Training

The class has strong audience participation which includes small group exercises, scenarios and open discussion. Some classroom scenarios may be recorded to provide the student with private individual feedback to take away after the class. Sign up is available at