Policy and Procedure Development

We develop security policies that are tailored to the needs of your organization, working within the framework of laws or regulatory legislation to remove and significantly reduce the gaps that expose your organization to security vulnerabilities. Many organizations currently do not have adequate policies that cover, active shooter, bomb threats, workplace violence, suspicious and unattended items and business travel to foreign high risk countries.

Creating a lockdown policy starts by understanding the security culture of your building. What works for one location may not for another, especially if you are working with complexities of open door policies or open space areas? The congregations uncertainty on what to do in a lockdown situation is intensified if the churches safety and security team or volunteers do not know what to do or have no plan to follow. Having a simple documented lock down procedure supported by physical security could be the difference in keeping people alive during life threatening situations. Developing effective security procedures can be complex, time consuming and often overwhelming but with security consultants from diverse backgrounds of law enforcement, security management and physical security were are able to offer a multidisciplinary approach to review your current security policies.