Supervisors Training

Church Security Awareness Training (CSAT) are Christian based security programs designed at supporting places of religious worship with education on suspicious activity and situational awareness training.

This class is for people in leadership positions at places of religious worship, church facilities managers, operations directors and executive boards. The training program provides practical knowledge that will assist the supervisors in running a more effective safety and security team by diving into topics that will share industry insight and tools to make review or make changes in areas which are often overlooked, effective security policies, a security culture, legal responsibilities and insurance.

An experienced security professional will facilitate a series of workshops that challenge the status quo and provide education and training on where to start when reviewing safety and security, designing and implementing effective safety and security policies, risk assessments and action plans.

Course Content

  • Creating your church security philosophy
  • Legal responsibilities, what happens when something goes wrong?
  • Policy and procedure writing, where to start?
  • How to write your emergency action plan
  • Writing and testing a lockdown policy
  • How to manage a safety and security team
  • Foreign ministry travel, identifying the risks