Situational Awareness Presentation 

Incidents of violence at places of worship has increased over the past decade. In June 2015, Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina lost nine of their congregants in a mass shooting during bible study. In March 2016, Pastor

Tim Remington was shot six times in the parking lot of his Idaho church after Sunday service. In light of tragic events like these, places of worship around the country are being forced to assess whether their staff would be prepared to recognize suspicious behavior and effectively respond to the warning signs? 

“Do we have the training we need, and are things as secure as they should be?”

We offer a 1-2 hour situational awareness seminar designed to help places of worship answer these difficult questions. We teach simple steps on how to recognize and respond to suspicious behavior in the open door religious worship environment and introduce participants the key principles of the conversational interview technique. Through the use of lecture, discussions and practical exercises, training topics include:

  • Trends in Violence at Places of Worship
  • Biblical Safety Teaching
  • Practical Case Studies
  • Layered Security Concept
  • Suspicious Activity Warning Signs
  • How to Approach Suspicious Individuals

How do i know if something is suspicious?

What does it mean if the item is hidden?