Day Security Workshop

The Mission:

Church Security Awareness Training (CSAT) are Christian based security programs designed at supporting places of religious worship with education on suspicious activity and situational awareness training.

The mission of CSAT workshops are to provide effective and affordable security seminars educating church leaders, security directors, facilities managers, church administrators and emergency responders in how to secure places of religious worship. These seminars bring together subject matter experts from the fields of church security, counterterrorism and group violence nationally recognized in their fields.

Upcoming Seminar Events:  

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Get to Know the Speakers: 

Jarret Brachman, Ph.D. is a specialist on global terrorism and violent extremism. He currently directs the Global Threat Intelligence program at Wells Fargo where he leads a team of intelligence analysts conducting strategic threat forecasting and operational support for the bank. Brachman also retains a formal advisory role with the U.S. national intelligence community where he continues to consult on counterterrorism related issues. Before coming to Wells Fargo, Brachman directed a security intelligence program based at North Dakota State University in his hometown of Fargo, ND from 2008-2013. In that role, Brachman trained over five thousand law enforcement professionals, first responders and court personnel around the country on issues related to physical security and counterterrorism. From 2004-2008, Brachman was the founding director of research for the Combating Terrorism Center at the U.S. Military Academy – West Point. Brachman previously served as a Graduate Fellow with the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center in 2003.  Brachman has testified multiple times before Congressional subcommittees, presented before the British House of Lords and has been quoted in nearly every major media outlet. In 2008, he published the book, Global Jihadism: Theory and Practice, on Routledge Press.

James A. Densley, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Metropolitan State University and an Associate member of the Extra-Legal Governance Institute at the University of Oxford. He is the author of the award-winning How Gangs Work: An Ethnography of Youth Violence (Palgrave Macmillan, 2013), and coauthor of Minnesota’s Criminal Justice System (Carolina Academic Press, 2016).  Densley has published over 20 articles and book chapters in leading social science outlets and has contributed to news sources such as CNNMinnPost, Star TribuneThe Sun, and Vice.  He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and earned his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Oxford.

Simon Osamoh is Founder and Director of Kingswood Security Consulting. A recognized counterterrorism and organized crime specialist spent 14 years with Thames Valley Police in England as a Detective working on serious and organized crime. Notable cases include the investigation of the “liquid bomb” terrorism plot in 2006, which changed aviation security regulations worldwide, creating the 3-1-1 rule. Simon later became Special Operations Security Captain at the Mall of America, focused on counterterrorism and managing the behavior detection unit, a team highly skilled in the use of behavior analysis to identify suspicious activity. He works closely with places of religious worship, helping them understand security and provides training. CSAT, a church security awareness training program was created to improve the skills of church security. Simon has lectured on terrorism, organized crime and violence in places of worship at the University of Minnesota -Twin Cities, University of St Thomas, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and Metropolitan State University. Simon serves on the board of directors for the FBI Minneapolis Citizens Academy Alumni Association, committee member of InfraGard Minnesota and member of Minnesota Association of Church Facilities Managers (MACFM)