Saturday August 20th 2016 – Church Security Workshop

On Saturday August 20th 2016 Salem Covenant Church New Brighton will be hosting our CSAT security seminar “Securing Your Place of Worship”. Criminal activity and violence is rising at “soft targets” like churches and schools. The mission of the CSAT security workshop is to bring together subject matter experts of church security, group violence and terrorism to educate and raise awareness of security in places of worship. Jarret Brachman, James Densley and Simon Osamoh use their expertise to present a series of unique security seminars that will support church leaders, business administrators, facilities managers, security directors, emergency responders and those dedicated to protecting places of worship. This workshop will include emerging trends in church violence; what we learn from criminal perpetrators, how to start a suspicious behavior program and the growing phenomenon of social media and its role in worship security.


Speakers and Presentations:

James Densley, Ph.D. Trends in Church Violence, “Learning from the Past to Secure our Future” & “The Rise of Criminal Behavior”

Jarrett Brachman, Ph.D. Inside the Mind of an Attacker, “Indicators and Warnings” & Social Media in Church Security “Using Social Media as Risk Based Prevention”

Mr Simon OsamohPolicy Writing “Mitigating Risk through Policy and Procedures” & Suspicious Behavior “Building a Sustainable Detection Program”


This seminar is POST board certified for Police Officers. For more details on the event or to purchase tickets visit EventBrite