Church Security Workshop Unity Unitarian Church St. Paul MN, April 2nd  2016

On April 2nd 2016 Unity Unitarian Church St Paul will be hosting a Church Security Awareness Training (CSAT) Seminar in partnership with Kingswood Security. The event “Securing your place of Worship” brings together four subject matter experts in security, security for places of religious worship, international terrorism, gang violence and physical security will come together for a series of church safety seminars. These five hour workshops will increase security knowledge for church facility managers, church security directors, business administrators, ushers, greeters, law enforcement and emergency responders along with those interested in protecting places of worship.

For more details on the event or to purchase tickets visit www.eventbrite.com


James Densley, Ph.D. Trends in Church Violence, “Learning from the Past to Secure our Future”

Jarrett Brachman, Ph.D. Inside the Mind of an Attacker, “The Motives & Methods Fueling Church Violence”

Mr Gary Essig, Insights to Action, “Practical Steps for Securing Your Ministry”

Mr Simon Osamoh, Prevention Based Security, “Recognizing and Responding to Suspicious Activity”